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Vida Voyage + GOD69 + ZENITH 2000K

Kristen Stokes and Mikale de Graff are the bringers of a looming, luminous, liquid kind of sound that converges towards juke, UK garage, post-industrial and coalsce it into a volatile amalgamate. So far they have delivered their electronic paeans to labels such as Kikimora Tapes and xpq?, and are running the lathe-cut manufactory disc_archive.

Vida Vojić / 'vida voyage' is a Sweden-based producer and poet creating digital ambient elevations, and scenes and sceneries made out of words, their repetition and procession. Releases of her can be found on First Terrace Records and Cultivated Sound. Vida's reported to have picked up her guitar again more frequently lately. So let's see where her new live set is gonna take us.

"Imagined as a corridor between two states of consciousness, it’s a massive light gate propelling sub-basses. A body augmented by sensors for a vibratory choreography. A meditative dive into the photon world. [...] »2000K« for 2000°Kelvin, characteristic of the warm color temperature of these diffused lights, close to a sunset."